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Wand copper with crystals on both ends, 8" -20cm long


Wand 11" (27.5cm)Twisted wood with crystals; Shisham (rosewood), crystals on each end: one 6-facets point, and one egg shape   


Copper is excellent conductor of energy. Hand-made copper wand with a small crystal sphere at one end and 6-facets point on another end.
This is very powerful has the ability to conduct energy back and forth from individuals, crystals, auras, the mind and the spirit world. A beautiful hand-crafted copper wand with a small crystal ball affixed to one end and a clear crystal point in the other.



This is skillfully hand-made magic wand. Twisted Shisham (Rosewood) with Crystals at both ends. It is  very powerful for spells and healing

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