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Alcoholism... how to eliminate it .....alternatively
What is alcoholism
There are many definitions of al
One definition says that
coholism is a disease, both genetic and learned, both physical and psychological, that adversely affects both the mind and body of the alcoholic - and those that care about them.
Another one says that alcoholism is a chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations.
Another one: alcoholism is an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess.
Another: Habitual intoxication; prolonged and excessive intake of alcoholic leading to a  health damage.
Another: It is a choice of living destructive life with self-excuse, without attention to consequences... and so on.....

Some say that alcoholism is hereditary, that predispositions to become alcoholic are stored in the genes for generations.

So, the question is: does someone drinks because he/she is an alcoholic, or someone is alcoholic because she/he drinks?
There are few types of alcoholics. Some will have one or two drinks regularly, "to loosen up", she/he will never look really drunk, they never get into trouble of loosing driving license, etc. 
They are some who drink until black out, without remembering anything afterwards. Some parts of the brain stop working, many of those can still walk, and talk, and drive, but they do not remember it.
They are some who may stay without alcohol for months or even years, and then they drink to black out. Alcoholics are not able to fully relax without alcohol. Many who were drunk the first time, would later say: "It felt so good, the first time in my life", and that is typical for alcoholics.
The most unhappy people on this planet are the "sober alcoholics", they are heroes, they do not drink by using their will power, but they are miserable. 

Alcoholism is an addiction, caused by ....whatever, is not important here. 
The important thing is, that they are suffering, and many of them realize that they ruin their own health and well being, and the health and well being of the people around them.
They need help, and they should get one.

There it is the formula that will help, the results will be visible after a week, but it has to be taken for at least three months, to successfully eliminate problems for at least one-two years, then it can be repeated, or just Kudzu alone can be used afterwords:
Kudzu is the herb that will eliminate craving for alcohol (1 tsp mix with glass of water, or use as spice - starch when preparing soups, gravy, etc), in general use – 9 g per day, Person, who eats kudzu will never become alcoholic - especially important for teenagers. Kudzu may also be put into alcohol, it works as well, more

1 capsule 2 x per day on empty stomach (eliminates uric acids and cleanses renal tracks, very strong antioxidant, etc), 

Vit C 1000mg 2 capsules 2 x per day,

Vit B12 the best in liquid 10 - 15 drops 2x per day,

Milk Thistle – 1 tbsp 2 x per day after meal (cleanses the liver and spleen), more
Fiber Buddy is a must -1 heaping teaspoon in a glass of water 2 x per day - that will help disposal and elimination of all the waste and toxins form the body, read more
Schindele's Minerals 1 leveled tsp 1 x per day - to restore mineral balance of the body, to support brain and nerve more

And one more think; someone wise once said that human being needs to have a passion, and he/she needs to put his heart into this passion, then and only then he/she is complete, she/he is really happy.
I have seen many people with alcohol abuse problem. 
One story is; one lady came to me for help, her husband every day after dinner, would drink beer, not one, many, until nothing left - 6 or 12 cans. I gave her kudzu to use in cooking. After two weeks, she walks in, and said that she cannot believe it; her husband has a dinner and takes one beer, or none, and cans are still in the fridge like never before. She was so happy, he did not know, even he did not realized, why he does not feel like having one after another drink.... That is how it should be... easy...
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