Rare Mountain Blood from Himalaya
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Mumio - Ancient secret weapon against illness 

It is believed to be an exudates or resin, which can only be found in certain caves or holes in the rocks where bees might have made their nests for hundreds or even thousands of years.
It could probably be described as a concentration of fossilized honey, beeswax and bees nests, which percolates over long periods of time through certain rocks, under the influence of spring water, emerging as a resin type substance.

It is a rare and mysterious resin with highly regarded medical propriety. It is rich in silica, contains rare amino acids, highly valuable minerals and trace elements as well as fatty acids.
In folklore it has been called the " Blood of the Mountains" or "Tears of the Rocks". It does not occur except in exceptional sites, and because of the scarcity and the high price always placed on it, the location of the caves where it was to be found has always been a closely guarded secret. For many years, export of the mumijo from Russia was forbidden, because it was regarded as a national treasure.

A Russian weapon against disease, it is more powerful than Ginseng.   Mumijo has been well studied and then licensed officially for medical use in Russia. It is well known there.

For Brain and Body.
Its proprieties are similar to those for Ginseng, this powerful balsam is excellent against ageing. It has been mainly used as a "brain and body" balsam. It regenerates and rejuvenates each cell of the body. But it has also anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti-rheumatic, anti-carcinogenic proprieties, and it can balance the hormones. It helps to maintain proper level of leukocytes and hemoglobine in blood, helps in digestion, very helpfull in bone fracture, asthma, throat problems, kidneys and urinary track infections and problems, heart problems, TB, helpfull in restoration of damaged nerves, migraine headaches, etc.
Excellent remedies against:
Stutter, Stuttering, Stummer, Stummering, Arthritis, Rheumatism, low hemoglobine, weak immune system, helps to fight infections, ulcers, fungus, increases concentration, etc.

Body weight
      up to 150 lbs 0.2g - 0.3g per day in tea or water
      155 lbs - 190 lbs 0.4g  per day
      195 lbs and more 0.5g per day
Tincture preparation:
      5g (one package) into 1/2 liter (16 ounces) of whisky, it may stay for ever without losing its healing properties.
Whenever needed take 20-30 drops with tea or water on empty stomach or before bed time for one to three weeks - as needed.

      2-3g mix with 1/4 KG (250g = 8 ounces) of honey - 1/4 of teaspoon under the tongue at bed time.

Mumio we offer; is original from Kirgistan, where it has been used in the same form for generations.
It does not contains any additional vitamins, preservatives, etc.

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