Lactic Acid - 30%       
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Lactic Acid - well known and used in Europe instead of vinegar: for salads, meals, drinks, etc. It is very beneficial, it regulates metabolism, helps digestion, keeps intestines healthy, it helps in absorption of iron and calcium, it is also used by cosmetic industry. It is anti-bacterial, kills fungus, etc. 
Lactic Acid BALANCES PITUITARY and PINEAL GLAND - the Managers of all GLANDS.

There is a strong evidence, as stated by some of non-government sponsored scientists, suggesting that Pineal gland is the connection to other dimensions and/or Spirit World.
Many users and Naturopathic Practitioners claim that Lactic Acid it eliminates overactive Immune System - ALLERGIES.

It has been used by dentists in gums ulcers (1 part of lactic acid diluted in 9 parts of distilled water - make 3% dilution).
It is helpful in weigh control - regulates metabolism - speeds up weight reduction when needed.
1 teaspoon of 3% dilution in 1 glass of water or tea - 1 x day.    



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