(Ancient Wisdom)

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1 once jar of ready to use SALVE. (Keep in cool place)
Made with 100% Pure Herbs, no colors, no preservatives, no chemicals added.  
Gently rub the "Silky Skin Salve" on the skin once, twice or as many times as you wish, daily. 
Itchy skin: put Salve on itchy spots, rub it gently and leave it for 1 to 2 minutes without putting any cloth on, let it sink into skin, it may be repeated as often as needed. (Usually the itch stops after few minutes - it seams that Silky Skin Salve disables an irritant)  

Note: The healthy diet and detoxification is highly recommended for healthy looking skin.
You may want to clean intestines with our
  Fiber Buddy
,  and add some perfect, easy to be absorb Minerals

  "Silky Skin Salve" 
Ancient Wisdom Line

Itchy Rashes on the skin (red, dry, scaly; very unpleasant); itchy sweat rash,  itchy swimmers' rash, etc,
sun burns, pimples, blemishes, black heads, wrinkles, scars, damaged skin, blisters, etc.

Rejuvenating and enriching one of the kind - the best your skin can get  topically. 
It is easily absorbed.

Very delicate can be used on babies and kids.

Note: The longer it has been stored in the dry cool place,  the healing properties increase, the "Silky Skin" salve becomes more potent.

Silky Skin Salve
is prepared in accordance with the Ancient Formulae. It is 100% pure herbal and Bee Products combination with no colors, no preservatives, no chemicals added.  
Propolis, Honey, Royal Jelly, St.John’s Wort Flower Oil, Abis balsamea Oil, Bee Pollen, Distilled Water, Honey Bee Capping.

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