Oje / Doctor Oje - Latex
(Ficus insipida)

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OJE (Ficus insipida) Willd.var. insipida: Moraceae. ”Oje”, ”Doctor Oje”, leche de oje. 
Milk of wild Fig Tree (Ficus) species.

(Ficus insipida) Willd.var. insipida: Moraceae. ”Oje”, ”Doctor Oje”. Locals take latex as vermifuge, drinking one cup fresh mixed with orange juice, or with sugar cane juice.

Against parasite: "mix latex one tablespoon with one liter of water, drink one glass of this mixture every other day and you will get rid of intestinal parasites (worms, amoebas, bacteria, etc
- Children get smaller dosages - Wise Shaman said. Leaf decoction is also used for anemia, tertian fever. 

Oje Latex mixed with water or fermented (with sugar) has been used for generations as the most potent parasites expeller. Quichua use latex as medicine to eliminate every kind of parasite (worms, amoebas, bacteria, etc).

Parasites are considered to be a major health problem in some countries.


100% pure, fresh, undiluted latex/sap/ milk of the ficus insipida tree. Imported from Peru.

Wise Shaman also says: "Those who take this purge must avoid greasy and salty foods for a week; they can not receive direct sun, and must avoid being seen by strangers to the family. Those not following this diet and restrictions become (“overo”) the one with white skin pigmentation".

Oje Latex is also very popular and widely use medicine for rheumatic problems. Rub the latex onto rheumatic inflammations, to ease pain and discomfort.

Leaf decoction is also used for anemia, tertian fever. 

Latex contains lavandul, phyllosanthine, eloxanthine, beta amyrin,  phyllanthol, but the main  active ingredient against parasites is the proteolytic enzyme ficin.

Warning: Do not swallow undiluted, it may "burn" delicate membrane.   

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