Kidneys, Prostate, Urinary Track Problems 

Note Very Important: When you use supplement or herb to improve your health and well-being always use the best Fiber you can get, to dispose waste and debris from the body ASAP to not allow it to get to your blood stream and system again; use the most potent: Fiber Buddy 

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The  incredible importance of the kidneys can best be appreciated by thinking of those who have to undergo  dialysis: they simply must have their blood  cleaned, or they will quickly poison themselves with the waste from metabolic activity. It is that basic: the kidneys  filter continuously, all the blood in the body, removing harmful acids and waste products, creatinine, urea and the like.  Over time,  these sensitive apparati can become clogged and deficient in their  functioning. Waste matter can go back into circulation, acidifying the blood, irritating nerve fibres, promoting inflammation of tissue, etc.  This disturbance in acid: alkaline (base)  ratio(s), precipitates out of solution needed minerals, causing a further domino effect on our health.
Couch Grass, Juniper Berry, Wild Carrot, Queen of the Meadow,
 Goldenrod, Gravel Root, Corn Silk,
Uva Ursi Leaves, Button Snake Root




Looking at it another way, the body functions similar to a battery; there must be a slightly alkaline(base)  component to the blood, as  well as a slightly acidic nature to the tissues.Only when there is this optimal balance, can innate bodily processes take place.

      It is the  kidneys that filter or retain mineral ions  that directly  determine this   subtle  electro-potential.When the kidneys  start to fail in this regard, we  tend to suffer from a tired sluggish feeling; muscles ache due to retained lactic acid, back-aches occur, we tend to get up in the night to void urine, sometimes repeatedly.  KPH 1  contains a very  synergistic blend of herbs, designd to break up deposits of gravel in the kidneys and bladder/ureter. Others reduce  inflammation, astringe  swollen tissue, promote diuresis, and eliminate infection. This formula can be taken as a periodic tonic – possibly as part of a  Spring de-tox  program, or as an adjunct to therapies for arthritic/rheumatic condition

Suggested Dosage:  take 2 capsules before bad time for 50 days, take 15 drops Echinacea extract for two weeks.

NOTE: It is very wise to take
FIBER BUDDY at least twice per day, clean up intestines, as well as to prevent constipation.
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