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"Health does not mean everything, but without health everything means nothing".

Fiber Buddy is the most potent herbal fiber combination available.  It is a blend of highly potent herbs. It has been formulated for the maximum contribution to the daily diet. It consists of 23 herbs.  It is a result of many years' studies and research. Researchers found that in populations with high fiber diets, the incidents of colon cancer is very minimal, as opposed to the typical western "civilized" diet, which is high in fat and sugar and low in fiber.  For years doctors have recommended fiber as a natural way to maintain regularity and prevent constipation.  Fiber; such as psyllium, is known to be highly effective and safe cholesterol lowering agents. Fiber Buddy has been formulated not only to help improve regularity, but to help in promoting cleansing of the intestines and digestive system by dissolving and sweeping out the build-up wastes and toxins.  Fiber Buddy is the result of many years study and personal experiences.  This study and exploration served as a base for this unique formula which works to create a synergistic effect that ultimately enhances the active components of each individual herb. National Cancer Institute recommends 20 to 30 grams minimum, of dietary fiber intake daily.  The higher the fiber in diet, the lower the risk of colon cancer.
It is a health hazard to not have regular bowel movement. Using laxatives - particularly over the counter, seams beyond justification; it has potentiality for serious health risks, it can slow, even eliminate peristalsis (the natural mechanism for elimination). Used regularly promotes permanent constipation. The Fiber we recommend, is the most potent herbal fiber available; it cleans intestines, it helps to expel mucus, it regulates bowel movement, it eliminates many toxins, it adds up to your total health and well being.







Fiber Buddy taken regularly improves assimilation of the nutrients.
Easy to use
just add one heaping teaspoon of Fiber Buddy to 8 ounces glass of water or juice.
One teaspoon of Flax Meal, Lecithin, Slippery Elm inner bark powder, as well as Golden Seal Extract may be added in cases such as: Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcers, etc.

Healing effect of Fiber Buddy is unbelievable.  

Take it 2 or 3 times daily for few weeks and the difference and regularity is visible.  You may add some cinnamon to change the taste
Note:  Fiber Buddy is not recommended for children under 14 years old. 


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