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Chromo-Therapy Crystal Torch 
Crystal Color Light Balancing Set

Penlight plus Crystal plus Colour
This set contains: Mini MagliteŽ Flashlight - Metalic silver,  with High-intensity white light beam from flood to spot with a twist of the wrist (with guarantee & spare globe), clip for attaching, 13 Colour Discs (Gels), Clear 6 facets Quartz Pointer (for deep tissue penetration); perfectly cut and removable (torch with colour gels can be used with or without the crystal).  Insert designed for minimizing the dead orgone fields (additional feature), the whole set is packaged in a sturdy hard plastic black case. 

Each color is pure, ex red 630-685 nm (near infra red), and represents the peak of the wave of selected color. 
Natural Crystal tip - perfectly clear - it is the perfect for ear, hand, foot, face, spine acupuncture points, for balancing and/or restoring the flow of Chi (Qi) via meridians, managing pain, beauty enhancer (wrinkles, scars, etc), burns and wounds healing aid, balancing emotions, balancing Chakras, etc.
          Healing with COLOUR
For thousand of years people worn precious stones, not always because of their beauty or market value, but, depending on the color 
 of the stone for healing, and stimulating different organs by that particular color wave. Ancient cultures used colours to heal body, mind and soul. Regardless geographical location and distances between different cultures - it seams like it has been the knowledge passed in the genes from generation to generation


"We are the children, children of the light..."
             ...."Light Replaces Dark"...
Light, whose source is solar energy, is one of Nature's greatest healing forces.
In 1665, Isaac Newton beamed sunlight through a prism
, and found the presence of the seven basic colors.
The human body is also a prism that reflects this white light. Color therapy is the science of the use of different colors to change or maintain vibrations of the body to that frequency which signifies good health, and harmony.

Healing by means of color was the first type of therapy used by humans, it is natures own method for keeping the body in balance with the rhythms of life. Color expresses the way we think. Our emotions, and actions affect the electromagnetic field which surrounds us,
and is reflected in our aura.
Color can help to restore balance when a blockage of imbalance of this energy has resulted in disease. The use of color can help to restore vitality to the etheric body through the projection of specific color rays, which are then absorbed by the chakra centers. The pituitary gland transforms these colors into revitalizing energies to rebuild the centers that are lacking in energy. Color healing shows us how to make light work for us. The use of color is one of the many natural tools available to help us walk in balance with Nature.
The application of the correct frequency of the electro-magnetic force field will change the altered function of the body, and help return it to its original patterns. It is this energy, which is the result of applying color, that is important in the healing process. This method of healing will create harmony, and balance in the mind, and in the body.

To lear how to see aura - get our unique  AURA GLASSES

Practical Tip...
Check the meridian (or cross point; organ, gland, chakra, etc); if the energy flow is under active - use particular colour for the meridian on particular meridian point (or cross point, or directly over the organ, gland, chakra, etc) to stimulate the flow, if it is overactive; use the opposite colour to suppress the overflow.

 Benefits of using
Crystal Colour Light Set

Our colour light torch with the perfectly cut crystal pointer at the end; is becoming one the the most comonly used tool for accupuncture treatments - admired by practitioners and clients - it become highly appreciated by both parties (who likes to be poked with the needle?) 

Crystal Color Light Therapy - User Manual available soon

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