Atlantis Ring - Powerful Talisman

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Magical Power of Atlantis Ring.
In 1860, in the tomb of Jus – priest, in the Valley of Kings, Egypt, marquis D’Agrain discovered sandstone ring.
He never knew, how significant his discovery was.

Andre de Beliza (French radiesthesia expert) inherited the ring. He analyzed waves emitted by the ring. He discovered, that not the ring, but the pattern engraved on the ring, is propagating protective field for the barer as well as for his surroundings (house, business, etc). It protects its owner from visible and invisible external negative forces.
He spent his life analyzing the waves emitted by different shapes and patterns.
He discovered that, when the pattern engraved on the ring, he called it “Atlantis Ring”, is redrawn on the sheet of paper and hang on the wall of the house - electromagnetic and geopathic harmful radiation is highly reduced.

Not many, paid much attention to his findings, except, British archeologist Howard Carter (1874-1939). He got himself an exact copy of the ring. He wore it until he died.
May be, that is why he was the only one of 19 participants of the expedition investigating the grave of Tutankhamun, who died as the last one, and 17 years later.

The ring we are presenting has been made by one of the well known European radiestesia expert. It is made of highest quality sterling silver.

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Atlantis Ring Pure Silver

Original Stone Ring - found in the King's Valley

This ring Howard Carter wore as his talisman until he died



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