Willard Water XXX Dark

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237 ml- 8 uncji
Original Willard Water XXX Dark
(for convenience in spray bottle)

Mix two ounces of Willard Water Concentrate with one gallon (3.78 liter) of distilled water, or pure spring water.
Mix contents of the 8 ounces bottle of Willard Water Concetrate with 4 gallons (15 liters) of distilled or pure spring water.

Fill the empty bottle with diluted water and use for spraying on skin.

Drink 1/2 glass 2 or more times per day,


Willard’s Water, also known as Catalyst Altered Water (CAW) is a concentrate that is added to distilled water. It was invented by Dr. John Willard, Sr., Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at the South Dakota School of Mining and Technology.
In the early 1960s, Dr. Willard was experimenting with water, adding various minerals and trace minerals to it in order to increase its solvent capabilities. During his research, Doc received a severe burn on his hand. To ease the pain, he immersed his hand in the only volume of water that was available: a dilute solution of his Catalyst Altered Water. To his surprise, the pain stopped, and no blistering of the hand occurred. This began the long research into the properties of his Water.

In November 1980 Dr. Willard’s Water was featured on the CBS program "60 minutes". This activated attention of millions. As a result FDA ordered to stop the production. Since Willard Water was already used by many farmers and breeders, who were not ready to give it up - so easily. In 1980 there was a hearing conducted by the U.S. House of Representatives, Select Committee on Aging, Subcommittee on Health and Long-Term Care. A full transcript of the explosive hearing was made and can be obtained from the government printing office. The transcript contains the actual testimonials of people who under oath made claims that by using this catalyst altered water, they experienced incredible health benefits for themselves and their animals. It quotes doctors who used the water in their practices and scientists who claimed to have tested it.
Willard Water has some very unique properties, including:
  Increased elimination of toxins and wastes
  Increased absorption of nutrients
  Eliminates free radicals & antioxidant
  Reducing swelling
  Raising alkalinity
  Helpful with skin conditions
  Natural stress relief...and the list goes on..

Willard Water sprayed on seeds before planting, sprayed on plants helps it grow better.

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