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The Power of Knowledge / Wisdom -
One Day Workshop/Seminar

We are the only species on this planet with an unlimited power of thought and emotion.
We only need to awake from a dormant, hypnotic sleep - induced upon us.
We have a POWER within - of an enormous potential
given to us by our Great Creator ...
We are able to re-create the paradise that once existed, on this beautiful blue planet.....

We are able to heal, to change, to be kind, to care, and to be happy; we just need to dream it,
to imagine it, and to believe in it; then nothing and no one will be able to distort it,
 to make us fearful, walking, talking, emotional wrecks - bio-robots - as we are today... 

- Monique

The theme of comprehending the conscious living and applying it to all parts of your life; that will impact your life for years to come

You will learn what the film “Secret” did not reveal, why wishful thinking and daydreaming does not work (unless you know how to dream)….etc

There is an operating LAW that people should recognize; the more people understand it and use it properly; the faster the changes become reality …

Everyone can benefit from it; this is an old knowledge that was kept a secret for many many years, and people have the right to know and use it to their own advantage…

If you are interested in the seminar
Give us a call 905 278-0732 or send an e-mail
Register at the store the next available date
Bring your friends, price $138.00
space is limited

You will learn:
What is a human being,
What is consciousness, sub consciousness, higher consciousness,
 How it works, how it is influenced,
How the mind works, how to control it,
How to improve your relationships – interaction with other people,
How to make changes,
You will learn how to use breathing techniques to reduce stress, to heal, to energize…etc
You will learn about power of thought, power of words we use…etc
What are the morphic field/ resonance fields,
You will learn about “Free Will” what it really means, and how it works….
You will learn about so called “magic” I will explain a few simple exercises and techniques, and how to use them.

Since my childhood the SACRED KNOWLEDGE was passed to me (sacred – to not be revealed to public in general), I was trained by the person, who spent years in Far East and Middle East with different Masters. Then over the years I studied old books, scripts, bibles, books of different religions and beliefs of different cultures to find out that all of them are using the same knowledge differentiating only in names used – the core stays the same…
Only in January of 2010, the Masters of Tibet (as per David Wilcox) stated on conference in California that now is the time and people should be informed, the veil was lifted….
So I am free to speak….Alfreda

Location: 951 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga.
between Dixie Rd & Cawthra).   Tel: 905-278-0732



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