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Tips listed below are the result of many years studies and experience, of many people.
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Very Important Note: When you use herb and/or supplement to eliminate your health related discomforts and to improve your health and well-being; always use the best Fiber you can get, to dispose toxins, waste and debris from the body ASAP to not allow it to get to your blood stream and to circulate in your system again; use the most potent on the market Fiber Buddy 

Acnetonic -
15 drops 3-5 x day, plus
Milk Thistle
1 tablespoon 3 x day. Wash face with calendula tea. Watch your diet, try to eliminate deep fried foods.

For kids Kidalin 1 teaspoon 3 x day, St John's Wort -15 drops 3 x day. Watch the diet.

Kudzu root  use it as mild spice in cooking, soups, etc. or  2 capsules 3 x more

Colloidal Silver
- 1 teaspoon 3 x day,
Diluted solution of Lactic Acid - 1 teaspoon in a cup of tea or water 1 x day.


tea 1 cup at night (only one cup - 200ml),
During day time: Onion juice - take one medium onion, chop it, and cover with 1 glass of boiling water. Put a lid on, and let it sit for minimum 3 hours (overnight is ideal), strain it, and drink in small sips during the day.
Mucus-less Diet is essential (no dairy, no meats, crabs, shrimps, pop drinks, and the proper waste management - bowel movement is a must...
Fiber Buddy
to eliminates all mucus and toxins). 

Caihua / Caigua 
 - 2 capsules 3 times per day 
Garcinia Cambogia (appetite suppresant)  - 2 capsules, 3 times per day.
For those who crave sugar - Citrimax capsules
For those who are always hungry - take
Fiber Buddy  15 mins before each meal

Colloidal Silver  

1 tsp 3-4 x day,
Cayenne - 1/2 tsp in a glass of water after breakfast, plus Vitamine C(1000 IU) 3 capsules 2 x day.
Before bad - massage vigorously sole of your feet, chest and upper back with Vicks, VepoRub, or any oil mixed with vodka and essential oil of eucalyptus, and put on socks overnight.
Colds & flu are the result of weak immune system. There are number of herbs to boost our immune system.

Use the most potent herbal fiber combination
Fiber Buddy more

Nervotonic 15 drops 3 x Day,
5HTP 50mg 1 capsule 2 x Day,

Magnesium Liquid 1 tablespoon 2 x Day

and PASUCHACA are two herbs known for theirs' anti-diabetic benefits. 
2 capsules or 1 glass of tea is taken between meals 3 x day for two weeks made of Cuti Cuti, the next two weeks of Pasuchaca, and again Cuti-Cuti two weeks, and so on, until hemoglobin level is stabilized.
Proper diet and bowel movement is a must see 
Fiber Buddy
to eliminates all toxins.

One of our Client from California gave us the following tips (Many thanks to Roberto)

root powder or capsules.
It takes about 1 month of taking it. If it is in capsule form take 2 capsules before each meal but as I tell all my clients you should only take 1 capsule or 1 tsp before 1 meal for 1 week, then the second week take 2 tsp every other day the other day is still 1 tsp. this is to make sure you don't over do it and your system will adapt please make sure no one stops their insulin or pill coverage the doctor will tell them when they can stop taking it. If they take the yacon like it has been told they will eventually get off the oral or injectable insulin. to continue then after the second week take 
1 tsp 3 x daily do this for 1 month then you go reverse take 2 tsp 2x day next week and so on.

Ginger tea mixed with Fennel tea works well.
Black coffee with a few drops of lime works as well.
Manayupa 1 glass of tea 3 x day, or 2 capsules 3 x day.
To heal inflamed intestine: 10 drops of
Sangre de Drago    in a tablespoon of water 3 times per day,  Fiber Buddy to eliminates all toxins, and watch your diet.

Take 120 ml of Una del Gato

tea daily with 5 drops of 

Sangre de Drago
daily for 8 days then repeat x 1.  The Sangre de Drado helps to heal the blood vessels and the Una de Gato takes away the inflammation.

Make tea use Cat's Claw/Una de Gato
as suggested (see Herbs from Peru on tea preparation page). Take 15 drops of 
Sangre de Grado
2 carrots grated and juiced and 30 ml of Una de Gato tea and drink in the a.m. daily until hypertension under control.

use it on the bitten spots. It can be repeated as many times per day as needed. 

drink tea 3 times per day (read How to prepare tea), plus one teaspoon flat per day of 
Schindele's Minerals

use it on the skin, wait until dries. It can be repeated as many times per day as needed.   

KPH1 - 2 capsules at night every day for 50 days (one bottle per year only). For the first two weeks take together with Echinacea/Golden Seal extract - 15 drops at night. Achiote tea 3 glasses per day, or 2 capsules 3 x day on empty stomach. Proper bowel movement is a must, see 
Fiber Buddy
to eliminates all toxins. You will like the results.

Take the egg white from the fridge and soak the burn, keep on doing it until the heat is off (have two of the egg whites on a sauce pens, one in the fridge, one to use, keep exchanging them) - it reduces the pain, and prevents scars. - excellent for kids - takes away pain almost iinstantaneously

use it on the skin, wait until dries. It can be repeated as many times per day as needed.

 2-3g of Mumio mix well with 1/4 KG of unpasteurized raw honey.
Take 1/4 of teaspoon under the tongue at bed time, until you use it all..


I capsule or 1/2 tsp of the dried 
Yacon root
s taken before meals 1/2 hr. to 20 min. Within 1 month or so.. One should be able to notice a decrease in appetite and weight.  It is said that this controls the insulin levels in the body by neutralizing the islets of Langerhorn - it is the part of the pancreas which distributes insulin. So when the enzyme of the Yacon goes into the pancreas it should raise the insulin levels naturally.
Caihua is most powerful natural fat burner
, and  cholesterol balancer; take 2 capsules on empty stomach 3 x day
Reduce consumption of starches and sweets, walk at least 30 minutes daily. Take Nervinum tea or any relaxing tea, before sleep at night.

Our Pets:
Upset stomach
- My cat had upset stomach with vomiting; she was suffering a lot, in desperation, I mixed 5-8 drops of
  Sangre de Drago
1/3 cup of Manayupa
tea, she drunk it all and vomiting and convulsions stopped.

Diarrhea I gave few drops of 
Sangre de Drago
mixed with a bit of water to my dog, when she was suffering from diarrhea - excellent result - diarrhea stopped in few minutes

Ear infection - few drops of 
Colloidal Silver 
directly or on tissue and gently clean an ear inside, use the dry tissue to wipe it out. My cat was scratching one ear, it was almost hanging there, I cleaned it with Colloidal silver, you could see an instant relief. 
You may use Colloidal Silver to disinfect the wounds, clean eyes, etc - it does not sting - it is like water.

How to prepare herbal tea:
tea preparation

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