Very Powerful Protection Amulet
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Artist Eugene Hefter designed the cross from the vision, during an intense prayer.

Eugene Hefter is gifted visionary artist, who receives inspirations during intense prayer to God. His latest collection of spiritually inspired jewels incorporates ancient motifs of sacred geometry. They are being presented with love in this new millennium to assist as tools in the evolution of consciousness, and as aids to health and well-being. During the process of vision creation, these jewels are being charged with intent of love, truth, health, protection, and wisdom to its wearer. This powerful Healing Cross incorporates the Tan (Truth) cross equilateral triangle, heart, hands & dove in a configuration that brings wholeness in body , soul, mind and spirit. It is useful for invoking divine aid in times of need. This potent symbol evokes powerful protective power against all manner of disease; it helps to bring balance to all areas of ones life. The Healing Cross Very Powerful Amulet is a Gift from God thru visionary artist to people in this new millennium.  

           Pure Silver
         size:  4 cm x 1.5 cm  5g 
                (size 1.6" x 0.6")


The Cross should be wear as pendant on the silver chain, or leather cord. 

We offer very nice silver chain to go with the cross, 20" long, 6.2g (weight), ...(
picture will be available soon)
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