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I got a pendant from my daughter, I liked the design; scorpion on an anchor, it has a big stone (15mm) as its main body. I did not have a clue what stone it was, when I got it. The color was very light grayish and turquoise - so I thought it was a normal mineral stone. I put it on, after a few minutes the stone changed its color to a very very dark blue with the shiny green drop in the middle. I started to observe it (I have it on all the time), what is really amazing; the colors are changing; sometimes there is one full color, sometimes two colors, sometimes many colors (see below - just a few pictures)..........
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This Scorpion on a anchor is made of antique lead free silver. He stands 1 1/4 inches (35 mm)  high. The stone is over 1/2 inch (15 mm). It hangs on a black cord (16.5 inch - 41.25 cm) with two beads accent. Secured with a lobster clasp. Handcrafted.


The cross, two red flowers and wrapped around snake ( antique lead free silver) makes very original setting. The oval stone 1/3 inch (8 mm)  in the middle. Pendant size: 1 3/4 inch  x 1 1/4 inch  (45 mm x 31 mm). It hangs on a black cord with two beads accent. Secured with a lobster clasp. Handcrafted


Big stone 1 inch x 1/2 inch (25 mm x 14mm) in traditional delicate setting  antique lead free silver.  It hangs on a black cord with two beads accent. Secured with a lobster clasp. Handcrafted

This unique cross with tide around cobra, made of antique lead free silver. Pendant size is 1 3/4 inches x 1 1/4 inches  (45 mm x 31 mm). The stone is beautifully set on the side.  It hangs on a black cord with two beads accent. Secured with a lobster clasp. Handcrafted.

Each pendant is packed in an elegant plastic case  -  great gift idea

It is obvious that this stone is very sensitive to its environment. If it is left in the room – it picks up the energy of that room, if you put it near the computer it usually becomes yellowish with a dark brown almost a black spot in the middle – it picks up radiation - definitely not too healthy. If you put it on; it changes its colours depending on the mood - emotion, vitality, energy level, stress, etc. It amazes me. Observe it and you will see. The stone may change its color from very light yellow to black.
It is an excellent tool for people who want to improve self-awareness; observe the color of the stone during the day, see how and why its color changes; ask yourself a question; am I tired, what was I thinking about, your answer may be; really nothing in particular..but the stone color changed..
How about subconscious? What proportion of our mental life is subconscious? At least ninety per cent
Is this vast mental storehouse generally utilized? Definitely NOT. Why not? Few understand the fact that it is an activity, which they may consciously direct....

I am not going to write about power of conscious and subconscious mind... What I really want to do here, is to give you a tool to observe yourself, to remember yourself (as many Sages are saying: "know thyself"), this is the first step to enlightment...
It is very difficult to control the emotions, the thinking, the mood. This stone will help; look at it, notice colour changes, if you are angry, and that is not a desired state of mind; pray, repeat mantra, or listen to soft classical music; like Mozart, and you will notice the changes of colour of your stone, and you will know; day by day in every way your are getting better ... 

Thanks to this new technology - you may correct your reaction to different life situations.
Observe the stone, observe yourself, see how stone changes its colors when you are tired, stressed out, sad, upset, angry, frustrated, when your energy is low - you know you need a break, very often just a few minutes of relaxation helps - and the color of the stone will change - so you know you are O.K.  
Many people find it very difficult to observe the state of the own mind – this stone will help. 
Someone once said: if you want to change the world – change yourself first.....

What kind of stone it is
- someone will ask - it is liquid crystal.
The papers regarding the unique properties of liquid crystals have been written by many researchers around the world. Physicists and chemists wrote many papers. Liquid crystals are widely used in the electronic industry, for their excellent ability to detect the minute changes in its environment.

Many people stated that when they are sad, upset, angry, etc, and they look at the stone it does not look nice (brownish, yellowish, grayish, blackish), but it starts changing the colors - why?  
Because you became an Observer, you changed your mode from emotional - active to observer - passive, your emotions are not a priority any longer, you know the saying "where attention goes, energy flows..", since humans are not to good in thinking about few things at the same time with the same intensity; once you concentrate on the stone - your emotions cool down... isn't that great....

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